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Caribou shares second single from forthcoming ‘Suddenly’

After a five year hiatus, Caribou‘s 2020 album is imminently approaching. Due out February 28, fan’s can finally get a second taste of Suddenly with its second single “You and I.” On his latest, Dan Snaith lyrics expose his loss and longing, contrasting the bright instrumental. “It feels like there’s a hole inside that just won’t go away” Caribou sings, while the pop-leaning electronic production keeps the tone light.

In a statement, Caribou said the following regarding his latest track:

“‘You and I’ was one of the first tracks on the album that I started and one of the last tracks I finished – it existed in some form or other throughout the whole arc of making the record. It also captures a lot of what the record, and the title of the album, are about – the track changes suddenly and unpredictably and it is about a change in my life that happened out of the blue.”

Suddenly will be Caribou’s first album since 2014’s Our Love. In October, Snaith released the album’s first single, “Home.” A world-wide tour will accompany the album, beginning in North America before snaking through Europe.

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