Exclusive: Ivy Lab flaunt carousel of tastes in new Holy Ship! Wrecked mixHoly Ship 2020 Soc Mitape Cover Ivy Lab R01

Exclusive: Ivy Lab flaunt carousel of tastes in new Holy Ship! Wrecked mix

One of the best things about Holy Ship! is that, since the first departure back in 2012, the event has always catered to an open interpretation of dance music. That’s one of the reasons “Shipfam” has become such an enthusiastic and tight-knit community.

Careful steps are taken to ensure that the all-too-common musical elitism of other boutique events has no place on the ship. The landlocked edition, Holy Ship! Wrecked (HSW), taking place early next year in Punta Cana, promises to mirror its history in that regard. Accordingly, HSW’s lineup includes heavy-hitters and rising stars from all across the electronic spectrum.

That spectrum includes bass, of course. One of the most exciting acts to trickle onto this year’s beached blowout is most definitely Ivy Lab. Since their inception in 2013, this duo (formerly trio) have built their reputation on diversity and aural innovation. They follow the mold laid by dozens of niche-carving UK counterparts, manipulating the low-end to work for their sound as they tackle hip-hop, grime, breakbeat, and trap.

Their recent mix, a Dancing Astronaut exclusive, for Holy Ship! Wrecked not only explores the various nooks and crannies of Ivy Lab’s boundless influences, it features unreleased IDs, as well as every track from their brand new EP entitled Space War out on their own 20/20 LDN Recordings.

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