University of Colorado Denver to offer classes in electronic music productionSerato Studio

University of Colorado Denver to offer classes in electronic music production

Ever at the forefront of culture, Colorado instills one of the country’s only academic programs in electronic music production. The University of Colorado Denver recently announced the introduction of EDI (electronic digital instrument), a focus track that “embraces all types of music made on a laptop, touchscreen, phone, and electronic digital device.” The program ultimately seeks to treat the digital workspace as its own instrument, treating MIDIs, software and digital keyboards as focal points.

What’s more, the program seems sufficiently rooted in the reality of dance music, rather than taking the disconnected approach that academia often gets a rap for.

Todd Reid, CU Denver faculty wrote on the school’s website, “I found that this is what the music students were making in their spare time, but nothing was offered in the classroom that reflected this interest. At the same time I started to notice Denver venues promoting this style, so we started to bring the technology into the classroom and campus studios.”

To that point, the EDI program doesn’t revolve only around music production, but allows students to select a focus the tracks Music Business, Recording Arts, and Music Performance. With a strong grasp on not only production elements, but key aspects of the industry, it comes as no surprise that the program is likely to double in size by its second year.

Via: University of Colorado Denver

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