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Four Tet recruits Ellie Goulding for new single, ‘Baby’

Following his announcement of his Sixteen Oceans album earlier this week, Four Tet has unveiled the LP’s newest single, “Baby.” The track sees Ellie Goulding lend her vocals to a classically ambient Four Tet production. Preceded by his 2017 studio album New Energy, the 16-track Sixteen Oceans will join the English producer’s extensive discography as the 10th studio album under his alias.

Effortless vocal splices caress the effervescent textures crafted in “Baby,” with brisk percussion and downtempo chimes contrasting to create a serene, yet momentum-driving field. The rhythmic pace carries through almost the entirety of the track, before slowing down into an atmospheric interlude washed with calming nature sounds of bird song, river flow, and deep bells.

Previously released single, “Teenage Birdsong” will join “Baby” as one of the tracks on the upcoming album. Released in 2019, “Teenage Birdsong” has received two official remixes by Avalon Emerson and Overmono respectively.

Sixteen Oceans is slated for release in March.

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