Support Australia’s brushfire relief with Lou Karsh’s breaks EP ‘Against The Flames’Againsttheflames

Support Australia’s brushfire relief with Lou Karsh’s breaks EP ‘Against The Flames’

As the Australian bushfires continue to rage at mythical proportions, many around the world are left with a sense of helplessness, wondering how they can have a positive impact on a crisis so far away. To offer a bit of direction, Lou Karsh, an electro-acid producer from down under, just released Against The Flames, an EP of deep cuts and unreleased tracks to raise awareness and donations, specifically for Australia’s First Nation communities.

Everything that’s happening right now in Australia is terrifying… With so much loss already, increasingly dangerous weather conditions and a useless government there is a lingering feeling of sadness and anxiety in all of us now and for the days to come. Inspired by the ways of others I have decided to use my music as a way to help. Against The Flames consists of 4 unreleased tracks with 100% of the profits going towards the ‘Fire Relief Fund for the First Nations Communities’. Stay safe and to those who can please continue to donate to those who need it. – Lou Karsh

The 4 track breaks-centric EP doesn’t only hope to raise money to extinguish the fires but also strives to assist with the relocation, emergency relief, and repairs needed in their wake. Musically, the release is a departure from Karsh’s more recent, electro-heavy work, but fills the space between the chopped and screwed beats with lucid melodies and plane-shifting atmospheres. With all 100% of proceeds going to Australia’s First Nation communities, this is a release well worth supporting.

Find more information on the Fire Relief Fund for First Nation Communities here, and for additional organizations to contribute to during the fires, please consider the Australian Red Cross.

Via: The Guardian

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