6 Things That Music Can Do When You Play Video Games

Are you wondering what makes music be an essential element in all video games of this world? There are several facts about the role of music in video games that you may be interested to know. First of all, music backgrounds are one of the fundamental features of action and adventure games but you can find pretty attractive music in casino games, as well, like lounge music and relaxing songs like that.

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When you play a video game, you basically start “living” inside that game story and the music becomes creating a connection between you and that world. It’s what you can hear from the world of that specific video game that you are playing, the same when you are waiting for the bus and you hear all the noise, people’s voices, and other sounds around you.

Also, there are iconic music backgrounds that became part of the history of video games like the soundtracks of Super Mario Bros or the unforgettable music of Tetris. And what about video games like Double Dragon 2 or Street Fighter II? Each of these video game soundtracks simply went down history to the point that every average video game player knows them. As you can see, the video game titles that we’ve just mentioned refer to an epoch where music soundtracks were still hand-made by music artists.

Today, with the advent of technology, video games have become more advanced and their soundtracks have also changed a lot. But one thing is important: music soundtracks are today a more relevant part of the storytelling process of video games than they used to be in arcades and classic video games.

Reasons Why Music Is So Important In Video Games

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First of all, it’s worth telling you that music plays a relevant role in our lives since even before we were born. Music can drive our mood, evoke feelings or thoughts. Music can inspire us to write a poem, for example. Or it can simply help us relax after a hard day. Also, music can express the particular emotions that we keep inside our souls.

Anyway, back to the video game field – why is music so important? We want to accompany you throughout a voyage into the role of music in today’s video games. You’ll find out that music is growing not only in relevance but also in quality following the technology enhancement.

  1. It controls emotions
    When you play a video game, you experience a lot of different feelings. Well, music is a tool that helps to keep control over your emotions, so that your brain can focus on the story actions better.
  2. It features the story
    It’s not a random fact if many video gamers look at the soundtrack as a fundamental element to set the scene. It’s more or less just what happens within movies. Music can feature the mood of the scenes in a video game.
  3. It immerses you in the game
    Feeling completely immersed in video game storytelling is important for every video gamer, no matter what kind of game you are playing. Either you have to cross the universe on seeking an alien spaceship, like in adventure games or you have to fight against an all-muscle Chinese guy to free a raped princess, music helps you dive into the game plot and live the game in a deeper and more engaging way.
  4. It makes you control the characters
    When playing a video game, an essential element is your capability to control the action of your characters. Rather than watching what happens, you have to decide and control its moves, which is much easier if you are listening to the right music. That’s why video game developers take special care about choosing their soundtracks.
  5. You can turn it on or off
    This is a smart function that every video gamer likes to use. You can actually turn the music background of your game off if you don’t want to listen to it. But you can turn it on again as soon as you want to enjoy the game’s sound effects and soundtracks.
  6. Original soundtracks
    Recently, some game developers began to feature their games with new soundtracks that are especially captivating. It’s what happens in the genre of horror video games, where music creates a terrifying atmosphere and breath-taking twists and turns.

You can try it yourself – play a video game with the soundtrack turned on and then play it again without the soundtrack to see the difference. You’ll be amazed to realize that music makes up for a very big part of a video game structure.