Gareth Emery recruits Emily Vaughn on inspiriting single, ‘You Are’Gareth Emery Credit Rocco Ceselin

Gareth Emery recruits Emily Vaughn on inspiriting single, ‘You Are’

Ahead of his Decade Tour, Gareth Emery has tapped into the 90s in spirit of his promise for a classics tour in his latest single, “You Are.” Enlisting pop singer Emily Vaughn, the trance icon delivers his new track in anticipation of his next album, slated for release later this year following the conclusion of his tour run. The not-yet titled album will mark Emery’s fourth solo LP with his most recent being his 2016, “100 Reasons to Live.”

Tinged with classic trance synths and beaming strings, “You Are” finds Emery at his core mastery—constructing addictive melodies over Vaughn’s silk-like vocals. Building up tasteful precision of tension, the track opts for club-friendly sensuality over festival intensity as heightened production accentuates Vaughn’s voice in a rapturous sensation.

Writing this with Emily Vaughn I really wanted to tap into that feeling I got when I first went raving. Walking into a dark club, deep as fuck music, smoke filling the room… pure anticipation filling the air,” writes Emery.

Photo Credit: Rocco Ceselin

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