Tchami reveals two tracks from highly anticipated debut albumTchami Live 2016 Billboard 1548

Tchami reveals two tracks from highly anticipated debut album

House music exemplar Tchami has released the debut tracks—“Ghosts” and “Proud”—from his upcoming debut album.

“Ghosts” features the softly haunting vocals from HANA gliding along anticipatory arps, wistful melodies, and a house percussion backbone. The hook remains subtle through a drumless break into a catchy bassline and vocal yearnings.

“Proud” has a more uplifting feel, featuring a smattering of dissident vocals from Daecolm followed by an R&B cadence amidst an alluring piano melody. The track drops back into that dissident melodically sustained voice with a signature Tchami bassline.

With the Confession label boss’ LP well underway, fans can expect the full release in the coming months. Tchami has had an involved 2020 already, remixing Diplo and Valentino Khan‘s “JustYourSoul,” along with the release of a grip of remixes on his DJ SnakeMalaa, and Mercer “Made In France” collaboration. With the ramp up in releases, 2020 is shaping up to be Tchami’s year.

Photo credit: Michael Tullberg

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