New festival to be held in Japan’s 400-year-old rock quarryOya History Museum 12 P1090122

New festival to be held in Japan’s 400-year-old rock quarry

Japan’s festival calendar will broaden with an eccentric addition that promises an experience beyond what is typical. It’s called Ensō. Backed by experimental arts promoter REITIN, the event will record its first iteration at the Ōya History Museum, a 400-year-old retired stone quarry based in Utsunomiya, Tochigi. Ōya, currently used as a cultural center, dates all the way back to the Edo Period.

From April 10-11, Ensō will coalesce with Japanese DJs and globally known dance acts at the self-described “festival for sonic and visual arts,” such as Renick Bell, Ena, YPY, and Yuji Kondo, who are slated to perform at the festival’s Underground Stage. Ensō’s second stage, The Cave Listening stage, will welcome performances from Akey, 7e, and AKIRAM EN, among others, with more artists to be announced in the months leading up to the event.

Additional festival information is available here.

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