Peggy Gou illuminates Amsterdam alongside the  visionary SKALAR art exhibitPeggygouskalar

Peggy Gou illuminates Amsterdam alongside the visionary SKALAR art exhibit

The Berlin-based artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray concluded their sensational SKALAR exhibit in Amsterdam this week, celebrating a month of multi-sensory immersion with a crowning performance from the trendsetting acid queen, Peggy Gou. The exhibit itself created aural environments with its effortless synergy of spotlights, sea of reflections, and mood-setting floodlights, all of which were truly accentuated by Gou’s vivacious techno and house set.

SKALAR was hosted under the banner of Audio Obscura, who’s clearly found their knack of hosting outlandish events in unorthodox settings. The exhibit, and this week’s entwined musical performances, took full advantage of Gashouder’s circular event space, situating both the lights and the DJ in the center of the venue. Sure, the resulting setup made it that much harder to decipher a text from a friend that reads “left of stage,” but the 360-degree perspective didn’t only elevate the evening beyond the standard club, but added a much-appreciated layer of transparency for those who wanted to see Peggy work the decks. In the day and age where DJ sets are virtually a dime-a-dozen, SKALAR presented the rare opportunity to see a performance in ultimate synch not just with its accompanying lights and production, but with the space that hosts it.

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