Purity Ring reveal ‘stardew’ from upcoming ‘WOMB’ LP, due April 3PURITY RING Credit CarsonDavisBrown

Purity Ring reveal ‘stardew’ from upcoming ‘WOMB’ LP, due April 3

After leading fans through an internet maze to hear their first material since 2017 in early February, Purity Ring have unveiled new material from their upcoming LP in the form of “stardew.”

The Canadian duo made the release of “stardew” much easier than “Pink Lightning,” revealing in social media posts that the song is available on a variety of streaming platforms. The single is warm and welcoming, featuring glowing vocals from vocalist Megan James and mellow production from multi-instrumentalist Corin Roddick.

The group also disclosed the release date of the upcoming WOMB LP: April 3. To take the hype one step further, James and Roddick also announced a tour would follow the release of WOMB, beginning in May.

Photo credit: Carson Davis Brown

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