USC Events cancels Lucky following embroilment in Insomniac lawsuitLucky 2017 2

USC Events cancels Lucky following embroilment in Insomniac lawsuit

USC Events confirmed via social media on Monday, February 10, that the 2020 edition of their St. Patrick’s Day-themed Lucky Festival had been officially cancelled, with refunds being issued to buyers. The decision to pull the event follows a fallout between the Seattle-based promoter and their former partner Insomniac Events, which culminated in a lawsuit at the start of the year.

Troubles between the two companies began shortly after the annual weekender at the Gorge, Paradiso. Staff at the festival began publicly complaining of not being paid for their labor, which led to court action from Insomniac for Breach of Contract. It was eventually revealed that, in addition to giving USC Events $2 million that went unaccounted for, Insomniac ended having to pay out $215,055 to Paradigm and $638,650 to UTA for the talent booked at the festival. Insomniac also covered missing payments to vendors.

As a result, Paradiso looks to be coming to an end, with Insomniac pressing in their suit to ban USC Event’s involvement in the festival and additionally expressing interest in hosting a brand new event at the Gorge in its place. The added court costs appear to be causing a ripple effect now, with the added cancellation of Lucky. Word remains as to whether or not USC will be able to recover from the scandal.

See the lawsuit here.

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