Duke Dumont shares ‘Love Song’ ahead of debut albumDuke Dumont 019 Credit Daniel Lee

Duke Dumont shares ‘Love Song’ ahead of debut album

Duke Dumont has enjoyed quite a successful musical career, achieving esteemed veteran status without ever releasing a proper full-length album. In 2020, it appears Dumont is looking to change that. The tracklist for his upcoming album entitled Duality has materialized on Apple Music. Dumont hasn’t shared any information on his socials regarding the album, but Apple Music says the album’s release is expected for April 17, 2020.

One song listed on the tracklist is Dumont’s latest single, “Love Song,” but don’t let the title fool you. While the track features a stirring chord pattern and a vocal sample howling out “I love you,” the track eventually breaks into a house groove that should fit nicely into any emotionally charged DJ set.

Featured image: Daniel Lee

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