HEKLER drops of desecrating, ‘Data Transfer’ on Never Say DieIMG 0480

HEKLER drops of desecrating, ‘Data Transfer’ on Never Say Die

Multi-talented newcomer Shaun Bacus, known musically as HEKLER, blends his chromatic scope of styles on his latest offering, “Data Transfer,” released on Never Say Die. While he may still be a fledgling face in the electronic purview, he wields the track to show he means grave business as far as up-and-comers in the bass community go.

Strangely enough, HEKLER is a transplant from the world of smooth and sedating jazz. But he uses this acute musical edge to his utmost advantage, seen through the lush instrumentals and incisive compositions he so often employs—”Data Transfer” not withstanding. HEKLER can endear or affront an eardrum, often oscillating between both in a single song, depending on his mood. So sit back and soak up some of HEKLER’s ultra-potent strain of Jekyll and Hyde sonic hysteria.

Photo Credit: YVNG LVNE

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