Busy P crafts new mix to accompany classic children’s story [Watch]Busy P At Ed Wreck

Busy P crafts new mix to accompany classic children’s story [Watch]

While most DJs are streaming mixes to keep the dancing spirit alive through festival and club closures, Pedro Winter, better known as Busy P, has gone an entirely different direction. Instead of making a club mix, the Ed Banger Records head has crafted an electronic mix to accompany a classic french children’s story, Le Petit Prince (or The Little Prince). A hand-drawn animation materializes throughout the mix, making it ideal for a francophile’s a calm night in or story time with one’s family. Watch the mix and read his description below:

This is my childhood book, I wanted to give it a modern twist by adding electronic music as background. The story of a lonely aviator lost in the middle of Sahara, trying to survive by inventing an imaginary friend… Seems pretty relevent to me today no? I wasn’t in the mood for a club mix, some of our friends are doing it very well. This mix is something you can listen with your family, and most important, this is a mix you can watch! I’ve asked one of my favorite French illustrator, Stéphane Manel to add his touch to this project. While listening to the mix, you’ll be able to see a white page filling up slowly with his poetical drawings…

Bon voyage,

Pedro Winter

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