Jamie xx debuts first single since 2017: ‘I Don’t Know’Jamie Connie Ha

Jamie xx debuts first single since 2017: ‘I Don’t Know’

Amid uncertain times, electronic musicians from across the genre spectrum have come out in full force to bring comfort to fans by way of music. Jamie xx joins this brigade, releasing a carnal new piece dubbed “Idontknow.”

The tune is rave tribalism at its peak; Jamie summons an imaginary drum circle with thick layers of percussion, off kilter rhythms, and sharp bassline with choice vocals sprinkled atop. It’s an abstract, free-flowing piece that refuses the standard club formula—an area where the producer shines. While “Idontknow” is the first we’ve heard from the producer in upwards of three years, the originality and expert sound design is a reminder that work from Jamie xx is always worth the wait. Hopefully, this precipitates a follow-up album to his 2015 hit, In Colour.

Photo credit: Connie Ha

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