ford. shares new single, ‘Living, Breathing’Ford. Press Photo Credit Mawell Byrne

ford. shares new single, ‘Living, Breathing’

ford. is on his way to becoming a household name in the indie electronic scene. Since signing on to ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective imprint, he’s been steadily releasing originals and remixes, including his 2018 debut LP (The) Evening. With already a single and an EP released in 2020, ford. shares some of his finest work to date with his latest track.

“Living, Breathing” is an instrumental cut, but provides more than enough depth to fill out the track. It’s powered by a rich chord progression highlighted with airy plucks and atmospheric elements.

ford. recalls how the track came to life while on tour, saying he remembers “messing with a synth and laying down a bunch of random messy ideas, stretching sounds out, and trying a bunch of sample processing things I had never done before. After consistently being on the move, it felt so good to be able to wind down for a minute, take a step back from the shows, and just feel like I could sonically explore. That doodling eventually turned into what is ‘Living, Breathing’ today.”

Listen to “Living, Breathing” in full below.

Featured image: Maxwell Byrne

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