15-year-old Moore Kismet unleashes ‘Flair’ on Never Say Die RecordsMoore Kismet Credit Eric Dew

15-year-old Moore Kismet unleashes ‘Flair’ on Never Say Die Records

15-year-old Moore Kismet has released another heater, “Flair,” on Never Say Die Records that features Momma Kismet, known to the young prodigy as mom. The bright and sunny bass track share a serene ambiance that’s accompanied by subdued percussion and lush arpeggios which eventually fall into a complex melodic percussive beat with vocal ad libs. What makes this song even more surprising is the heaviest drop is saved for the end, with a completely different take from its predecessor while still maintaining that rich percussion sample mayhem.

Producing since the age of seven, there’s no telling how far this talent will take the Never Say Die discovery, who released their Character EP on the supporting imprint in 2019. This year, Kismet remixed PhaseOne‘s “Crash & Burn” that shows off this bass slayer’s unique style on the genre.

Featured image: Eric Dew

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