HARBER ushers in third single of 2020, ‘Good For It’HARBER

HARBER ushers in third single of 2020, ‘Good For It’

With an ear catching whistle strategically placed at the start of “Good For It,” HARBER attracts listeners’ attention, and by the single’s conclusion at the three-minute mark, he’ll still have itundivided. The successor to HARBER’s NISHA feature, “Pieces,” released in May, “Good For It” taps into a youthful spirit that stems in part from CATALI’s vocals. From front to back, the track’s house framework is a mid-tempo complement to CATALI’s sung contributions.

With the modern house market perhaps at peak saturation, producing music within the genre comes with a tacitly understood challenge: infusing an overrun sector with freshness. HARBER continues to surmount it. Infectious sound constructions? Assuredly, he’s “Good For It.”

Featured image: William Waldron

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