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Dabin opens ‘Wild Youth’ acoustic LP with breakdown of ‘Alive’

It seemed improbable that Dabin’s sophomore album, Wild Youth, could possibly become any more heartrending. That appeared to be the case until earlier this year, when Dabin alluded to an acoustic edition of the LP. More concrete hints came about as the summer 2020 season progressed, and now, with a pair of singles already to the Toronto talent’s credit this year, “Holding On” and “Hope It Hurts,” the red carpet for Dabin’s next venture is officially being rolled out.

Although a due date for the acoustic rendering remains to be publicly seen, the first piece of the Wild Youth acoustic album has been issued with a breakdown of the LP’s lead single with RUNN, “Alive.” When it comes to “Alive,” there is no contest. The original is an outright gem, but Dabin’s stripped-back model presents a different breed of emotion in the nearly six-minute acoustic format. Dabin trades the original’s guitar-heavy package for a melodic piano arrangement that melds with RUNN’s renewed and shining vocals, including an added verse in its closing moments. Experience the re-envisioned version below.

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