Dipha Barus and CADE team up on vibrant summer cut, ‘DOWN’Dipha Barus Press Ultra Music

Dipha Barus and CADE team up on vibrant summer cut, ‘DOWN’

Indonesian producer Dipha Barus and singer-songwriter CADE have joined forces on electronic-pop crossover track, “DOWN.” Featuring kaleidoscopic sonic palettes and sun-soaked melodies, the dynamic collaboration delivers a resonating message of living in the present. The two artists initially worked on the single prior to the COVID-19 outbreak while in Los Angeles.

Combining Barus’ groovy penchants and CADE’s production versatilities, “DOWN” takes listeners through a colorful soundscape comprised of high-spirited instrumentals, springy synth layers, and house-infused bass lines. With breezy vocals and glowing pads, the collaborative tune delivers an easy-going summer anthem underlined by pop sensibilities.

“‘DOWN’ is a record about simply living in the moment with your significant other and not stressing or over-thinking about what the future might hold. Simple as lemonade. I hope this record can bring smiles and joy to everyone as we experience stressful times around the world with COVID-19,” states CADE.

“DOWN” is out now via Ultra Records.

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