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MUST DIE! ignores the rules in relentless bass number, ‘HELLBURST’

One of the best things to come as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns is an increase in the number of artists who are taking risks with their releases. MUST DIE!, a longtime bass music producer known for continuously raising the bar in dubstep production, is among them, delivering a wildly creative new single. Prepare your ears for sonic murder as you embark on a journey into The King of the Rats’ “HELLBURST.”

Since the release of “BLISS 2K” last year, MUST DIE! has overhauled both his artistic and audio stylings, delivering one boundary-pushing hit after another, such as “CHAOS,” “EPIPHANY RUSH,” and “NERVE DAMAGE.” Now, “HELLBURST,” MUST DIE!’s newest release with UK-based label, Never Say Die, continues this pattern.

Already collecting the coveted approval of hardstyle legend, Lil Texas, “HELLBURST” is shaping up to be one of the largest tunes in bass music this year. The track features two unique four-on-the-floor drops and two equally impressive dubstep sections that are fit for warehouse destruction. MUST DIE! has even admitted to a cardinal sin of EDM: putting reverb on the sub in “HELLBURST.” What an absolute unit of a producer.

Featured image: MUST DIE!/Instagram

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