Amazon Music integrates artist livestreaming through Twitch partnershipAmazon Music

Amazon Music integrates artist livestreaming through Twitch partnership

Amazon further utilizes their ownership of Twitch this week, integrating live streaming for artists directly within Amazon Music. The addition to the service is available as of September 1 for all tiers of Amazon Music membership, and is said to offer seamless integration for an artist’s live stream and history of releases.

Director of Amazon Music, Ryan Redington, referred to the update as a “game-changer for the music industry,” continuing,

“Livestreaming was an obvious next step for us. If you couple that with on-demand streaming, the fact that a fan can go directly from engaging with an artist via livestream and move into on-demand consumption is really powerful.”

The partnership’s new interface invites artists to connect their Twitch accounts to Amazon Music, where their streaming sessions, be it a live set, Q&A, or tutorials will then be listed on their artist page. Further, Amazon Music members will be notified anytime an artist that they are a fan of goes live on Twitch.

Over 1,000 artists, including Donald Glover, Bastille, and Imagine Dragons, have already connected their accounts, but the initiative is open to all artists who are featured on Amazon Music.

Via: Billboard

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