Diplo takes cheeky approach to reminding listeners to voteDiplo 1 E1600994102527

Diplo takes cheeky approach to reminding listeners to vote

Warning: We’re about to show you Diplo’s butt.

As the 2020 presidential election looms and the importance of voting becomes ever so apparent, influencers intent on propelling voters to the polls have taken a variety of approaches to remind their respective audiences to register to vote, and Diplo is one of them. The “great inside” era has proven a pivotal time for attention grabbing assets, what with content consumers surrounding their lines of sight with multiple screens at a time. This unprecedented period of screen time has left social media users unimpressed by bottom-tier originality, and has since prompted Diplo to break out his own bottom in a bid to get browsers’ attention.

To lay it bare, one particular Instagram post on Diplo’s page recently stood out from the rest: a buck naked Diplo, staring off into a Jamaican lagoon reminding scrollers, “Don’t forget to register to vote.”

The post is now Diplo’s most-liked photo on Instagram of 2020. All jokes aside, readers can find more information about the voter registration process and voting eligibility here.

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Don’t forget to register to vote

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