Float away with Snakehips’ new remix of The Aces’ ‘Daydream’Snakehips Press Shot

Float away with Snakehips’ new remix of The Aces’ ‘Daydream’

Indie-pop girl gang, The Aces, return from their two-year hiatus with their newest single, “Daydream,” which earns a remix from venerated UK selectors, Snakehips. The Aces’ endearing lyricism combined with Snakehips’ deep bassline and explosive synths create the perfect track to close out this whirlwind of a summer.

While another season of 2020 has come and gone without its usual outings—in this case, pool parties and festival circuit hallmarks—this track has still made its way to poolside gold. The remix begins with an enticing house beat that takes flight alongside dreamy vocals from The Aces’ Cristal Ramirez, and peaks with funky synths. Merging this upbeat feel with the exciting new sound that The Aces brought back from hibernation, Snakehips imprint the track with their own unique, yet altogether distinct production style. The British duo has a knack for curating tracks of all tempos that rarely miss the mark. Sure enough, this track is no exception—stream below.

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