Glastonbury sets sights on June 2021 returnGlastonbury Festival Image By Andrew Allcock 1 E1599059862913

Glastonbury sets sights on June 2021 return

Nothing is certain in 2020, but if all goes well, fans might be returning to Glastonbury as soon as June of next year. A statement, made on Twitter by the festival’s organizer, Emily Eavis, confirmed that the festival was already aiming for a 2021 return, representing a change of pace from fears of bankruptcy earlier this year.

2020 was to be Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary, conjuring a Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift-led lineup that seemed to truly live up to the occasion. While the UK festival’s monumental birthday won’t be realized this year, Emily Eavis told BBC that 2021 will be a “double celebration.”

Although tickets for next year’s event are currently sold out, Glastonbury is planning a resale event to sell the tickets for which refunds were requested anew. However, Glastonbury has yet to process enough refunds to hold a proper sale, according to Eavis.

Featured image: Andrew Allcock

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