Premiere: YehMe2 takes on Ted When’s ‘Eyes Closed’ in funky remixNRB 0675 2

Premiere: YehMe2 takes on Ted When’s ‘Eyes Closed’ in funky remix

Prolific, long-time producer YehMe2 has laid down a full-bodied and expansive remix of Ted When‘s sultry track “Eyes Closed” via Motown/Blacksmith recordings in partnership with Fool’s Gold Records.

Within the past few years, both Ted When and YehMe2 have begun their own solo projects and both have respectively grown into major successes. After touring with Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller as part of the acclaimed indie band, Mansions on the Moon, When has taken his own path as a solo producer and displayed his wide range of lyricism and sonics in his newest album, morning. After 11 years as one half of the hugely popular Flosstradamus duo, Josh Young has become a paragon of modern dance music and continues to break barriers via his main focus, YehMe2.

Deviating from his usual heavy trap format on his remix of When’s “Eyes Closed,” YehMe2 demonstrates his versatility on the spin. Beginning the track with distorted guitar chords that lead straight into When’s smooth vocals, YehMe2 then transitions into a harmonic and groovy jazz aesthetic. When gave the remix high praise, stating,

“I love what YehMe2 did with ‘Eyes Closed.’ His reimagining of the song gave the lyrics and topline melody a new feel and emotion.”

YehMe2’s “Eyes Closed” remix is the first of seven revamps to be released from When’s upcoming morning REMIXES EP, and if this track is any indication of what is to come, electronic fans are in for a treat.

YehMe2’s remix of “Eyes Closed” will formally release on October 1, but listeners can stream the rework one day early, only on Dancing Astronaut.

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