Stream Elderbrook’s debut album, ‘Why Do We Shake in the Cold?’Elderbrook E1600826986201

Stream Elderbrook’s debut album, ‘Why Do We Shake in the Cold?’

Elderbrook—widely known for his vocals on Camelphat’s Grammy-nominated “Cola”—has gained tons of traction since the release of his first EP back in 2015. Now, five years later, Kotz has finally released his long-awaited debut LP, Why Do We Shake in the Cold?, and it was well worth the wait.  

As a multi-instrumentalist historically inspired by country music, Elderbrook prefers not to be confined by genre, despite the album’s more electronic feel. Although his pre-released album singles “Numb” and “Something About You” shows a more mellow side of the English producer, the album also contains tracks that are comparatively more lively and buoyant. One of them is the sarcastic commentary, “My House,” which focuses on the materialism that overwhelms social media and society as a whole while still maintaining a gloriously groovy atmosphere.

Hinging this album on human connection, Elderbrook has unwittingly given the overwhelming majority a suitable soundtrack for deep and at times uncomfortable introspection, and it’s safe to say the collection of finely-produced tracks could not have come at a better time. Stream Why Do We Shake in the Cold? below.

Featured image: Elderbrook/Facebook

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