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Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland launches new podcast from prison, ‘Dumpster Fyre’

Remarkably, the Fyre Festival saga somehow continues.

It has been three-and-a-half years since the Greatest Festival that Never Was and yet we still find ourselves asking, “what the hell actually happened there?” The tumultuous Fyre Festival fiasco that ultimately landed the luxury event’s founder, Billy McFarland, in federal prison manages to stay in our collective line of sight with the launch of McFarland’s new prison-recorded podcast series—Dumpster Fyre.

McFarland, as entrepreneurial as ever, recorded the new podcast in a series of 15-minute phone calls from Lisbon, Ohio’s Elkton Federal Correctional Institution. Serving a six-year sentence for multiple counts of fraud in connection with the failed festival, McFarland can be heard saying in a recently released clip,

“I’m not going to hide behind my mistakes, I’m going to share everything that happened.”

Speaking to The Daily Mail, McFarland also reveals he will delve into the post-Fyre ticketing scheme he ran, explaining, “This took me the longest to be truthful to myself about what really happened. I think I was just in denial for so long that I could have possibly followed up such a fucked up event with another mistake, especially while being out on bail. I was desperate and thought I could dig myself out of the hole.” McFarland hopes to chip away at the $26 million he owes in restitution with the proceeds from the new podcast project. See the preview for Dumpster Fyre below.

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