longstoryshort allows bass house to take a frenetic turn on ‘Raw Uncut’Longstoryshort

longstoryshort allows bass house to take a frenetic turn on ‘Raw Uncut’

longstoryshort‘s silhouette sharpens in focus under the sonic spotlight as the New York native hops back into the bass house saddle for “Raw Uncut.” Deft and drilling, the hybrid—which would be the star pupil of a live longstoryshort set—breaks from the tempered, vocal-centric bass house trappings audible on its predecessor, the Constance-assisted “Lost Summer.”

Marking longstoryshort’s return of focus to an instrumental-privileging aesthetic, “Raw Uncut” is evidently an original engineered to be enjoyed within a crowd. But, even as current circumstances be what they may, the COVID-19 health crisis comprises none of “Raw Uncut’s” sheer power. The single makes a compelling case for electronic music’s ability to be commensurately enjoyed outside of a live format, not to mention longstoryshort’s capacity to execute bass house crossovers in a refreshing fashion.

As 2020 winds to a close, “Raw Uncut” joins the list of productions that qualify longstoryshort as one of the year’s more noteworthy rising acts to bookmark. Stream “Raw Uncut” below.

Featured image: longstoryshort/Facebook

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