Malvae – Tuyuka

Here’s something you can’t just piece together out of a sample pack.

Netherlands-born vocalist and producer Malvae quietly embarked on a months-long journey through the Amazon Rainforest and documented his life-changing expedition on a forthcoming full-length project titled Amazonas. A brand new taste of the album called “Tuyuka” finds him sampling the namesake tribe who graciously welcomed him in and allowed him to record their instruments for the project. Malvae explains, “I made my way to an indigenous tribe in Brazil who go by the name of Tuyuka. They had relocated near a huge jungle city called Manaus to share their knowledge and culture, to be a part of civilization. They are originally from deep within the jungle between the Columbian, Venezuelan and Brazilian border. ” With their blessing and proper compensation, the tribe’s music has been modulated into pure electronic catharsis whose low-end drives the samples into a state of bliss. Alongside the release of “Tuyuka” and Amazonas, Malvae also plans to donate 10% of all streams and sales to an organization that protects the rainforest and tribes like the Tuyuka.