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Rob Tirea offers first taste of forthcoming debut EP with ‘Hold Me’

When the wheel rests in Rob Tirea‘s hands, the result will assuredly sound different from what electronic listeners have grown accustomed to. To his credit, this characteristic has threaded Tirea’s releases, coloring his first record of the decade, “Insecure,” fellow one-offs along the way, and now “Hold Me,” the first of three singles to hail from his debut EP, due later in the year via Lowly.

Concept-driven EPs and tracks can be somewhat anomalous at times in the electronic context, but Tirea is taking up the approach with a forthcoming, three-tune project that engages the motifs of isolation, individualism, and the future. As much as it is a vocal-centric, house-tinged heater, “Hold Me,” with which the rollout commences, is also a cerebral, deliberately constructed cut with clear lyrical intent. Tirea stated,

“The lyrics make ‘Hold Me’ sound┬álike it’s a love song, but to me it’s more about individualism in society and how our lack of community has led to an overall more self absorbed┬áplace to live in.”

“Hold Me” trails July’s “For You.” Stream “Hold Me” below.

Featured image: Rob Tirea/Instagram

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