SG Lewis assumes The Lab LDN duties for disco, house-laden set [Watch]SG Lewis 2 E1601750371700

SG Lewis assumes The Lab LDN duties for disco, house-laden set [Watch]

Considering that SG Lewis classified disco as a genre “associated with the start of a night” for him in a press release two years prior, the UK producer’s choice to color his debut set at Mixmag‘s The Lab LDN, aired at 6:00 p.m. BST on October 2, was fitting, to say the least.

With a Mixmag-issued invite to assume mixing duties at The Lab LDN in London, Lewis asserted that “Impact” isn’t just the title of his latest sonic output, but also an accurate descriptor of what he brings when he steps behind the decks. Whisking disco and house together in an alluring amalgamation of warm sounds that exude old-school character and their more contemporary, club-minded counterparts, Lewis’ set confers a new appeal to living room dancing.

Seasoned Lewis listeners who’ve swam their way through his concept trilogy, Dusk, Dark, Dawn, will expectedly delight in the appearance of the Aluna-vocalized “Hurting,” from the middle project. Punctuating the concluding moments of the live effort with the Channel Tres and Robyn-assisted “Impact” certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

In dance music, history repeats itself in the sense that even when the most tenured electronic enthusiasts think they’ve just about heard it all, a new tastemaker comes along to shake things up. SG Lewis fits this bill.

Best enjoyed with a drink in hand, the house-tinged disco fringe of Lewis’ set transports listeners back into the underground clubs that they’ve lusted after for a transfixing one hour and seven minutes. Venture back below.

Via: Mixmag

Featured image: Charlie Cummings

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