Slow Magic and RUNN  leave fans ‘Breathless’ on second single from upcoming LPSlow Magic Press Photo 4 By @littledreamangel Dream Angel

Slow Magic and RUNN leave fans ‘Breathless’ on second single from upcoming LP

Slow Magic returns with another awe-inspiring single from his forthcoming LP, it’s the end of the world but it’s ok., “Breathless,” via Moving Castle. Following his first pre-album single, “Carry On,” Slow Magic is back, unifying with RUNN for this latest lyrical expression.

Upon first listen, the track sounds typical of a well-produced, electro-pop product. While the track maintained its audacious and rhythmic tonality on the first go-around, it’s the second listen where the content and message are really able to sink in. “Breathless” pointedly addresses feelings associated with 2020 and rings in a more positive outlook. Slow Magic stated in a press release,

“Runn brought the idea of feeling down and not at your best but still having an optimistic and empowered outlook. I love the way the song turned out as an anthem for knowing you will be ok even when everything is not ok.”

RUNN’s vocals remind one to take a moment to catch their breath, along with the song’s powerful, dimensional synthwork, Slow Magic brings a resonant feeling of hope that may have been lacking this past year. Stream “Breathless” below.

Featured image: @littledreamangel/Instagram

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