Sultan + Shepard install third EP on This Never Happened, ‘Kelam’SultanShepard IG

Sultan + Shepard install third EP on This Never Happened, ‘Kelam’

After making their debut on This Never Happened in February, Sultan + Shepard continue their advancement into the melodic realm with the delivery of their third EP to Lane 8‘s illustrious label. Following the first two installments, Kochi and Guaba, the 5-track Kelam marks the most extensive of the pack and the sole EP to garner a vocal feature, enlisting Nathan Nicholson for opening track, “Never.”

The duo’s powerhouse status in the mainstream dance world has not detracted from their adeptness in deeper stylistic output. Their return to progressive origins has journeyed seamlessly; with Kelam, the Arabic name for “words,” Sultan + Shepard showcase gradients of melodic and deep house in their own refined understanding. The various shades traverse melancholic undercurrents in “Ekto,” dance momentum in “Tarengiri,” and inspiriting layers in “You Are My High.” Meanwhile, “Kelam” morphs progressive builds with techno-influenced soundscapes.

Stream Kelam below.

Featured image: Tobias Wang

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