Good Morning Mix: Head back to Bayfront Park for Afrojack’s all-time Ultra 2014 performanceUmf14c 134

Good Morning Mix: Head back to Bayfront Park for Afrojack’s all-time Ultra 2014 performance

There’s a considerable case to be made that, heading into 2014, Afrojack was plainly sitting in a class of his own. In the months building up to his sunset scheduling at Ultra that March, Afrojack was making preparations for his long-awaited debut album, piecing together Forget the World as its May due date crept closer. Considering that Bayfront Park is prominently hailed as the breeding ground for new, soon-to-be released music, Afrojack took the open invitation to supply exactly that, and we’re taking the next 66 minutes to re-experience the height of dirty dutch music from Ultra’s 2014 iteration.

Ask any avid follower of either Ultra or house music to rattle off some of the mid-2010’s most noteworthy festival performances, and Afrojack’s 2014 Bayfront Park presentation would undoubtedly come up 10 out of 10 times. In between bringing out Martin Garrix to unload “Turn Up the Speakers” or unveiling back-to-back Forget the World collaborations with Matthew Koma, Afrojack wholly summed up the elation surrounding dance music that year.

Whether you were sitting at home viewing the UMFTV livestream or in the depths of the Miami crowd itself, the set’s energy was palpable as Afrojack powered through a blue-chip tracklist, including blends of his ageless staples like “Take Over Control” versus “Jack That Body” and “Rock The House” against “No Beef.” Close to seven years later, Afrojack’s late afternoon display that Sunday in March still holds up as one of the single greatest in Ultra’s multi-decade history.

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