Julian Casablancas hopes for more future collaborations with Daft PunkDaft Punk Photo Credit Olivier Zahm

Julian Casablancas hopes for more future collaborations with Daft Punk

Like most of the music community, The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas has been “trying to do something” with the elusive Daft Punk again.

Unfortunately, according to Casablancas in a recent interview with The Needle Drop, the iconic French duo is “not doing music right now,” and have committed their robotic hearts elsewhere at the moment, stating,

“I don’t want to blow up their spot, but I think one of them was focused on like video stuff and then the other one was kind of obsessing with Ancient Aliens or something”

Casablancas and Daft Punk first joined forces back in 2013 for “Instant Crush,” a standout track amidst a standout album in the latter’s Random Access Memories. In reflecting on the collaborative process of that track, The Strokes’ lead singer recalls being presented with two different demos that each felt reminiscent of the electronic duo’s “medieval, euro, minor, classical baroque flavor” from tracks like “Verdis Quo.” The two takes were ultimately “plopped together” to make up the verse and chorus of “Instant Crush,” and the rest is platinum certified history.

The full hour long interview with Casablancas, which comes on the heels of The Strokes’ sixth full length LP, The New Abnormal, is available below. For those specifically interested in the Daft Punk conversation, skip ahead to the 43:00 mark.

Via: The Needle Drop

Featured image: Olivier Zahm

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