Subtronics deploys inaugural ‘Boot Camp’ compilation via freshly formed Cyclops RecordingsSubtronics Rukes

Subtronics deploys inaugural ‘Boot Camp’ compilation via freshly formed Cyclops Recordings

In commemorative fashion, Subtronics has christened the official launch of his label, Cyclops Recordings, with the unveiling of its inaugural 19-track compilation Boot Camp. Featuring an onslaught of electronic contributions from LEVEL UP, Leotrix, Al Ross, Akeos, Syzy, and the head honcho himself, the debut observes more than 20 artists come together under the umbrella of forward-thinking bass music.

Citing the label’s creation as “the next step after Cyclops Army,” Subtronics first teased the arrival of Bootcamp through revealing three sonic subsets of the album, categorizing releases into either “High Knees Headquarters,” “Psychedelic Division,” or “Heavy Artillery.” Spanning a formidable range of bass, trap, and dubstep constructions, Bootcamp amalgamates the corners of experimental, attracting otherworldly sound design in its highest mind-bending capacities to the forefront. In his mission for Cyclops Recordings, Subtronics states,

“The label will be a platform for the most cutting edge sounds we find across the globe and beyond.  We intend to promote unconditional kindness to those around us, a principle that also functions as the cornerstone of Cyclops Army, while shining a spotlight on artists that work every day to push the creative boundaries of what we all thought possible.”

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