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BROHUG return to the release ring with ‘Do Me Right’

New year, same BROHUG.

In a January 22 tweet, BROHUG set the tone for 2021 with just four words: “we ain’t slowing down.” Those attuned to the rate at which the triad released new music in 2020 should know to take John Dahlbäck, Christopher Lunde, and Niklas Lunde for their word; those who were not should consider this their tip-off.

A new year of business for the BROHOUSE battalion, 2021 trails their mammoth 30-release run in 2020, and already bespeaks one BROHUG release, “Fake Fake Fake,” issued on the first “new music Friday” of the year. To no one’s surprise, it didn’t take long for the triple power to notch its sophomore single of 2021, “Do Me Right.” The one-off finds BROHUG parlaying their signature bass house sound into a titillating, club-minded breed that juxtaposes spoken male and female vocals with each other. Concisely put, “Do Me Right” is just the latest evidence that BROHUG remain the reigning Swedish power of the dance scene.

Featured image: Tobbe Hising

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