Crystal Skies, JT Roach call in Lost In Dreams entry, ‘Crazy While We’re Young’Crystal Skies Red Rocks 2019 PC Andrew Hutchins Photography

Crystal Skies, JT Roach call in Lost In Dreams entry, ‘Crazy While We’re Young’

Crystal Skies and JT Roach have partnered up for “Crazy While We’re Young” on Insomniac‘s brand new label, Lost In Dreams. Acting as the duo’s lead album single and deviating from their usual melodic bass sound, the track merges pop and future bass worlds for a crossover collaboration. Speaking on the release and working with the winner of NBC’s show Songland, the duo shared,

“Working with JT, a phenomenal vocalist and songwriter has been a great experience for us. We really tried to preserve the raw emotion of the instrumental and vocals- while filling out the production and adding a powerful drop section – and making this something that could move the dance floor. The result is a song that bridges together the genres of folk, pop, and electronic into one track that hopefully lets each style shine through without overpowering the others. ‘Crazy While We’re Young’ is definitely a departure from our typical sound, but we were captivated by the vocals/instrumentals from the first listen and knew we had to work on it. The lyrics really fit with the vibe we were going for—a Summertime anthem about the excitement and challenges that come with taking chances and not settling for the ‘safe path.'”

“Crazy While We’re Young” marks Lost In Dreams’ sophomore release following Kaivon and Nevve’s label-inaugurating single “Whole Life” in February. The radio-friendly single brings together catchy guitar, future bass rhythms, and heartwarming vocals for a singer-songwriter-centric production approach to dance music.

Listen to Crystal Skies and JT Roach’s “Crazy While We’re Young” below.

Featured image: Crystal Skies/Facebook

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