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Maximono assembles intimate cast of ‘Tremblin’ remixers [Stream]

It’s a remix pack to leave you—in the titular fashion of Maximono‘s Parasoul Music opener—”Tremblin.”

On February 26, Maximono added a new title to his resume: label head. In sync with the release of the Parasoul Music-instating single, “Tremblin,” the electronic fixture stated his intent for the imprint to serve not only as a hub for cross-genre diversity but also as a place for “other likeminded artists.” Exactly one month later, he’s identifying some of these “likeminded artists” through Tremblin: The Remixes.

Diversity courses through the collection of imaginative conversions: drum ‘n’ bass, deep house, ambient. Maximono keeps the affair intimate, accepting submissions from only four revisionists, Black V Neck, Santé, Satl, and Nowheretobefound. Though Tremblin: The Remixes bespeaks a selective lineup of remixers, the range of sounds that come to life across the project is rich, and the expanded perspective on Maximono’s Saígo-assisted jaunt satiating. Stream Tremblin: The Remixes in its entirety below.

Featured image: Maximono/Instagram

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