Moore Kismet shares second album single ‘Vendetta For Cupid’ alongside two other LP tracklistingsDSCF9255

Moore Kismet shares second album single ‘Vendetta For Cupid’ alongside two other LP tracklistings

Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2020 Moore Kismet has returned to offer their latest album single “Vendetta for Cupid” featuring TYGKO, along with two new tracks, “Flight of the Superiority Complex” featuring liam ello and “Shadow Solider” featuring Lunamatic, both of which are forthcoming on Kismet’s album, due later this year. The 16-year-old luminary said,

“‘Vendetta For Cupid’ is one of the more recent tracks that was completed for the album, as I started it towards the close of 2020. I started this song the night that I had spoken out against my abuser publicly. It was originally intended to be a collaboration with a friend of mine but fell through, so I decided to write the rest of the track myself.”

“Vendetta for Cupid” is the second album single from Kismet’s forthcoming debut LP and notably trails their lead single, “Rumor” with WYN, released in February. The track melodically entrances shaking jersey club and trap rhythms as TYGKO’s expressive lyrics break down the single in solemn manner. Both “Fight of the Superiority Complex” and “Shadow Solider” take on similar production arrangements. All three songs provide a promising preview of what remains to come on Kismet’s debut LP, which landed among our most-anticipated long-forms of 2021.

Listen to Moore Kismet’s “Vendetta For Cupid” below.

Featured image: DNZ Media

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