UKF, Hospitality, and more sign petition for Drum ‘n’ Bass DayDrumbassarena Awards

UKF, Hospitality, and more sign petition for Drum ‘n’ Bass Day

Born from the UK’s 1990’s jungle scene, drum ‘n’ bass has become a staple of the global bass music scene in the last three decades. From the tantalizing, almost relaxing sounds of liquid to the more energized sounds of jump up, drum ‘n’ bass sounds have successfully permeated DJ sets around the world and inspired across the dance music scene. To celebrate the beloved genre and its passionate fanbase, The Blast UK has created a petition to officially recognize April 17 as Drum ‘n’ Bass Day. Denoted as 17.4, the date was chosen as a reference to 174 beats per minute, a common tempo of the genre.

Many prominent dance music entities have already shown their support, with the likes of UKF, Hospitality, Motion Nightclub, and more officially signing the petition. To aid The Blast in their efforts, head on over to and sign the petition here. Perhaps this year, the inaugural Drum ‘n’ Bass day will be celebrated.

Featured Image: Drum ‘n’ Bass Arena Awards

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