Mike Posner sets out to summit Mount EverestMike Posner Island Records

Mike Posner sets out to summit Mount Everest

Mike Posner is back in headlines following his 2019 walking venture across the United States, which briefly left Posner immobilized and hospitalized due to an unexpected rattlesnake encounter. Now, the famed singer-songwriter has set out to ascend the world’s greatest peak, Mount Everest, in a quest to raise funds for his hometown of Detroit’s own Detroit Justice Center.

Posner is not taking the challenge lightly, and has already completed eight months of training in Colorado in preparation for his newest expedition. He is now preparing to leave for Nepal to begin the multiple-months long ascent. Speaking in an interview with CBS, he spoke about overcoming the fear and danger of the journey, stating,

“One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of life, a lot of beauty, is on the other side of that feeling of anxiety, or fear, or whatever you want to call it.”

In an April 1 interview with Forbes, Posner discussed his motivations to climb Mount Everest with Steve Baltin, and in looking ahead to his next venture, cast a glance backwards at his walk across the US. Posner said the foot-led expedition was inspired by the death of his father and of his late friend, Avicii:

“When someone you love dies it’s like you’re sleeping and someone dumps a bucket of ice water on you or something. You wake up. And so those two deaths (my dad and Avicii), reminded me of what I wanted to do before I died. And hopefully that’s no time soon. But I’m not totally in control of that.”

You can donate to Posner’s official GoFundMe here.

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