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Tritonal detail their motivations for making ‘Reverence’ a meditation album

Tritonal will be taking their production skills in a new direction with their studio album, Reverence. Representing a complete departure from the duo’s typical high-energy progressive sound, the LP is inspired by the art of meditation, as well as artists such as Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Ólafur Arnalds.

Tritonal members Chad Cisneros and David Reed will draw upon their deeply spiritual journeys for the production. The concept for the album is born from a desire to create a space for mindfulness and contemplation in these unprecedented times.

Furthering Reverence‘s uniqueness in the context of Tritonal’s release history is its format: this is the first album the duo have ever conceived as one unified piece of music with no breaks between the audio tracks. Tritonal decided early on that if their computers could support this extended structure, they would write the entire album in one Logic X Pro project. This vision succeeded, allowing them to write an hour of music consisting of more than 417 audio tracks in one single project. The album will be split into 14 tracks with no fades or separation, allowing the music to be enjoyed as intended—a seamless body of work.

Cisneros discussed the genesis of the project in an official release, explaining,

“I suppose we begin in early March of 2020. We were forced to announce the cancellation of a long-awaited return to Ultra Music Festival along with every show on our upcoming Long Way Home Tour, which ended up never leaving home. Looking back, it’s so funny to think how we thought ‘oh this will be over by early summer and we’ll just reschedule.’ By the middle of summer, like so many of you around the planet, we were grieving. We were grieving the loss of our brothers and sisters, we were grieving the divisiveness of the political climate, we were grieving the loss of the ability to do what we love doing so much—play music.”

He continued,

“Fortunately, both Dave and I were surrounded by our loving families and had one another to talk with daily, we had the support of our beautiful wives and children, we had music, and we had our own personal relationships with the Divine. We realized that although this was a crisis on one level, it also presented a huge opportunity. It gave us an opening to reflect, to contemplate, to meditate, to rest deeply, and to ask ourselves some tough personal questions like ‘Who Am I?’ ‘What is our role in the universe?’ ‘What do we mean to the dance community?’ ‘What do we stand for?’ We both instinctively knew that we wanted to grow interpersonally, spiritually, and musically. From this seed of a desire to grow, Reverence was born.” 

Cisneros added that he and Reed worked with longtime friend and University of Texas music professor Nick Sibicky, who brought an entirely different dimension to the music through orchestral composition.

Reverence will be released on April 22 (Earth Day 2021), via Enhanced Recordings.

Featured image: Tritonal/Instagram

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