Pauline Herr debuts first solo single of the year with ‘Selfish’Pauline Herr

Pauline Herr debuts first solo single of the year with ‘Selfish’

Pauline Herr has released her first solo single of 2021 titled, “Selfish.” The Los Angeles-based vocalist follows up her recent collaboration with helloworld titled “Voices” released in March. The track, which was originally written in 2018 adds to her already exceptional and expanding discography. Now, notching her first solo delivery of the year, Herr shared her thoughts on “Selfish” stating,

“This song is special because it’s a lot more vocal driven than the other stuff I’ve released and it’s showcasing a new side of me, the side we’ve recently coined ‘Spicy P.’ I wrote this song about that craving you have for someone that’s just out of reach and the way they keep you around with their unpredictability.”

“Selfish” blends laid back pop beats and future-bass elements as Herr’s dominant vocals and lyrical work swell up on listeners with strikes of emotion and reverence. The single was entirely written, produced, recorded, and mixed by Herr and has become the lead single of her forthcoming Contradictions EP set to release in June via indie electronic label Seeking Blue Records. Stream “Selfish” below.

Featured image: Pauline Herr/Facebook

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