Washington, D.C. to lift nightlife capacity restrictions this summerBar Crowd

Washington, D.C. to lift nightlife capacity restrictions this summer

As COVID-19 vaccination rates continue to rise, cities across the country have been lifting restrictions. Now, Washington D.C. has joined the ranks of those who have begun opening back up, and has announced plans to lift all capacity restrictions for bars and nightclubs on June 11. Ahead of that, indoor capacity for bars and nightclubs will be increased from 25 to 50% starting on May 21. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said in a press conference,

“We’re very pleased that over the last several days, we have seen our case spread, our community spread numbers, venture out of the red into the yellow and fast approaching the green. You might remember that our daily case rate peaked in January at 45.9. And today you can see it’s down to 6.6.”

Vaccination rates in the District have also been increasing. 672,000 D.C. residents have already received at least their first vaccine dose, while 252,000, or 36.4% of D.C.’s total population is fully vaccinated. The surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia had previously lifted many of their COVID-19 restrictions, while the June 11 date of lifted restrictions will also allow nightclubs and bars to remain open until 2 a.m. on weekdays and 3 a.m. on weekends.

New York has also gradually been decreasing restrictions, with Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing that indoor venue capacity will increase from 150 to 250 people, while outdoor gathering limits will now be set at 500 people. California has also been decreasing restrictions, and had begun to reopen indoor music venues in April.

H/T: Washington Blade

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