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Gryffin assures the ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ on heartening summer-ready original with Kyle Reynolds

A mere few minutes may have passed before clips of Gryffin’s newest ID began making the Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube rounds after his Ubbi Dubbi set dropped the curtain in late April. Dance music fans can certainly attest to missing the unreleased music road map of tracking an ID’s first crowd-test to its eventual arrival, and Gryffin is re-enabling that sense of normalcy by way of his second original of the year—following “I Want Love” with Two Feet—”Best Is Yet to Come” alongside Kyle Reynolds.

“Best Is Yet to Come” is the perfect description for how the trend back to status quo feels right now, in the US at least. In the near two-year cycle that’s elapsed since Gravity, Gryffin’s production step hasn’t faltered once and has finally begun teasing that his sophomore LP is underway. Standing on the opposite side of his last-second entry for summer’s defining ballad in 2020, “Cry” with John Martin, Gryffin reroutes course in 2021 to send off his title-clinching ballot well ahead of time. Gryffin said he knew the moment the demo’s first note struck that “Best Is Yet to Come” couldn’t have been a more timely, fitting, and inspiriting single to soundtrack the cruise towards the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Roping together his vintage house sound with Kyle Reynolds’ edifying vocals, “Best Is Yet to Come” provides an aptly uplifting atmosphere as normalcy creeps back into view.

Featured image: Juliana Bernstein

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