In finding himself, MitiS made ‘Lost’ [Feature]MAIN PRESS SHOT

In finding himself, MitiS made ‘Lost’ [Feature]

It’s “gonna be fuckin’ awesome!”

MitiS—real name Joseph Torre—can’t help but contain his excitement for his North American Lost tour in an interview with Dancing Astronaut. Slated to start at Treehouse in Miami in August, the 25-date-plus Lost tour will be the Media, Pennsylvania native’s largest and most ambitious live initiative to date. It’s a fitting way to cap off his sophomore album, an approximately two-year undertaking released in April via Ophelia Records.

Lost took “about two years” to materialize, and was woven together amid much fluctuation in his personal and professional life, MitiS told Dancing Astronaut:

“Making Lost was a really, really natural process. There was a ton of stuff going on for me in the past two years, from moving houses to traveling and then not traveling because of the pandemic, learning new methods of writing etc. This caused the process to flow and allowed me to be done when I felt the album was ready. It was such an enjoyable experience.”

In that timeframe, MitiS’ shifting listening patterns would also influence the making of his follow-up to 2018’s ‘Til the End. “My taste really changed even in listening—I found a lot of different artists I really love and that influenced and inspired me a ton,” MitiS reflected. “I also began caring a lot more about the engineering process during those years, which helped my ideas come to life.”

MitiS’ resolve to make Lost on his own schedule and over an expanse of time that best suited his creative whims stems partly from the wisdom that he derived from the process of crafting ‘Til the End. Though “really happy” overall with ‘Til the End, MitiS admits that “wasn’t fully satisfied” with “some mix downs and parts of songs” on his seminal long-form. Therefore, with Lost, he “felt each song on a deeper level and made sure to give each song the time it needed” while working to distinguish his sophomore LP from his freshman album in terms of “overall flow” and “vibe.” Although both ‘Til the End and Lost are triumphs in their own right, Lost demonstrates the musical development of an artist who has continued to push the boundaries of his own craft and build on past successes.

And, this tireless push to improve and elevate will soon position MitiS in some of the “biggest” sites he’s ever headlined come August. “Man, I’m so excited to play the whole album out,” he said. “A lot of the rooms I’m playing are the biggest I’ve ever headlined. It’s going to be so surreal. I’m most looking forward to hearing fans scream the songs and hear that audience again. I’ve been really getting into live edits and doing personal remixes of my own songs, so expect tons of edits/unreleased/big sound and lights.”

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of Lost and its supporting tour, however, is MitiS’ effort to give back to the environment through his partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and its Time For Trees initiative. He specifically seeks to plant 10,000 trees across the United States: “Even though 10,000 trees isn’t too crazy of a number, it’s something I felt confident in doing with my fans, and something I feel our world would benefit from,” MitiS said.

When asked what inspired his decision to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation, MitiS explained,

“I grew up (and still currently live) in Media, Pennsylvania. There are so many forests and tons of nature here, and I’ve always adored that about PA. Since traveling, I’ve noticed places struggle to have that sense of nature, even if it’s a small park. I’ve always found it so mentally healthy to sit and enjoy nature, forests, rivers etc. Giving back to our earth in one of the most natural ways is something I’m pretty passionate about. I am really thankful for Arbor Day Foundation and its initiatives!”

In the months to come, MitiS’ following will find him sharing details about the various things that they can do to support the initiatives.

Though Lost is MitiS’ sophomore album, both the LP and its release year represent a bevy of firsts for the Ophelia Records signee, who recently performed on a festival’s main stage for the first time in his career at Ubbi Dubbi. Later this year, his list of firsts will expand with his largest headlining solo show, to take place at Hollywood Palladium on September 25. It’s safe to say he’s come a long way since he first fell in love with electronic music at StarScape Festival in 2011 while attending as a fan, and after all these years of activity, MitiS articulates his biggest takeaway as follows: “The more I became myself as an artist, the more traction I found. Be yourself.”

Tickets to the Lost tour are available here.

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