SAYMYNAME, Henry Fong tear off the roof with ‘Ragga Rave’Smn Henry Fong2021 0416 232213 2876 AMV 1 1

SAYMYNAME, Henry Fong tear off the roof with ‘Ragga Rave’

SAYMYNAME and Henry Fong are bringing the party right to your doorstep with the club-ready “Ragga Rave,” released via Ultra Records. The boundary-breaking cut is filled with convoluted rhythms and frenetic bassline action that first aired in Fong’s New Waves Vol. 1 mix in February 2020. In the time since, the long sought-after ID unsurprisingly surfaced in a heap of in-person and digital stints.

For a first-time tie-up, SAYMYNAME and Fong’s “Ragga Rave” designates itself a festival go-to for audiences to whom intense energy appeals. Stream “Ragga Rave” below.

Featured image: Henry Fong/Facebook

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